The starting point for Rewinded began when two friends got together to compose a universal version of the music genre Drum ’n’ Bass called “Liquid Drum ’n’ Bass”. With their backgrounds within different genres of the music world they have managed to create a sub genre of Drum ’n’ Bass that is inspired of both jazz and rock. Drum ’n’ Bass is mainly based on speed, break beats, deep bass and the rest is up to the audience to interpret. The music genre is very big in the UK and the biggest wish from the band manager is the music to cross borders. “We would like to get more popular and play at venues all around Europe. But the UK is the biggest wish to get known in.”

Rewinded wants to get know for their mix of music instruments within the songs. They want to be known for their music. The manager explains: “Today every aspect of music is about almost everything else than the actual product. We want people to go to our concerts and listen to the music - not concentrate about us as band members. Often they focus more on the appearance rather than creating well-produced music.” In a world where music focuses more on the celebrity aspect rather than the music they create, it can be hard to force people to focus on the music itself. That is why Rewinded has chosen to wear masks - not because they do not want to face the crowd - but it helps people focusing on the music. “This approach towards our crowd is what makes us unique”, the manager says.

Rewinded is an upcoming Drum ’n’ Bass band that is inspired from different music genres. They call themselves “Liquid Drum ’n’ Bass” and therefore the band is much more melodic than other Drum ’n’ Bass bands. Their goal in life is to make people focus more on the music and it seems like Rewinded is on the right path to save the music world.