Fjord & Bælt center
- Explore the creatures of the sea

May 2017
Client: Fjord & Bælt, Kerteminde
Assignment(s): Visual identity, marketing, web development, rebranding

Fjord & Bælt is a research center where they take good care of their animals and focus on not taking away the animals' natural habitat. Fjord & Bælt is connected to the sea in many ways; the research center is phsyically connected to the sea but they also bring the sea inside to explain the exhibitions.

The problem statement was regarding how the visual identity could be improved and used to create awareness of the research center.

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The new visual identity focuses on letting the customers know what they pay for; that in order to get closer to the animals and their natural habitat, we need to take good care of them and not force anything. The idea is to explain and show that as the sea and weather changes, so does the research center's surroundings and animals because they are connected to the natural habitat of the animals. One day the water can be clear and the next day the water will be cloudy due to the change in weather.

It was important that the website was filled with pictures that explain the pure feeling of Fjord & Bælt: that animals are taken care of and the trainers do not force the animals to do anything they do not feel like doing.

Therefore, we wished to make the website as simple as possible, which included using an imagery that was not too edited and avoid the American Sea World expression.



Due to the facts that we got from our research we concluded that Fjord & Bælt needed to brand themselves as a research center more than being a museum. They needed to be more focused on which target groups they were approaching through the medias and how they could approach them the best.

Therefore, we decided to remake their message design from being very focused on schools and children to have different target groups for the website and the social media.

The website was supposed to appeal to the main target group: the parents and grandparents because our research explained that these were the ones buying the tickets. But how could we approach the children then?

We decided to focus on having a different message design for three additional medias; Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. These medias should approach the children by personalizing the animals and how Fjord & Bælt treat their animals. By doing this, the children from all over Denmark would have insight in what principles and values Fjord & Bælt has.

Below there is a chance to see visualized examples of how the message designs could look like.

View the report of the exam project here