- Drum 'n' Bass band

March 2017
Client: Rewinded
Assignment(s): Visual identity, marketing, web development

Rewinded is a band that was stuck with their old image wishing to reach an older audience while maintaining the Drum 'n' Bass vibes. The new visual identity is based on keywords like 'unique', 'light', 'round and sharp lines', 'neon'. The new visual identity shows that Rewinded is inspired by the movement and rythm in the music genre. They had one damand: to keep the two arrows because these symbolized that the band members were from that time were recordings were made on tape.

The problem statement was regarding how we could rebrand Rewinded through the chosen form of media and marketing strategy.

Visit the website

rewinded left


The new website was a way to create a world that could display Rewinded's new identity as a Drum 'n' Bass band developed from different music genres.

The website includes the visual identity that was developed from the different logos that were made during the process of rebranding Rewinded's current identity. For this project I made the new identity neon and moving. The logo is created by stripes inspired by the soundmaves that is seen when creating music.

The website and new visual identity create a coherent experience through the Rewinded universe. The combination of an imagery that shows party-life, the underground feeling and the movement in the logo makes the listener feel like they are a part of something bigger. It gives the feeling of being there. On the club, in the garage, in the bus. Where ever you would listen to Drum 'n' Bass.


The expression I wished the new identity to have was dynamic and vibrate. Drum 'n' Bass is a music genre that contains a lot of vibration and movement and therefore, the different inspiration source cam from typography that expressed this exactly.

The color choice was based on the neon, pink and right green association that come to mind when thinking about clubbing and movement.



Rewinded’s new visual identity is based on three chosen keywords: uniqueness, loyalty and freedom. These keywords are a mix of what Rewinded described themselves as and what the fans figured that DnB gave them: freedom and room to be different.

The new visual identity expresses the feeling of going to a DnB concert where you often get pumped up by the speed of the songs, the neon lights and visuals on stage, mixed with the image that Rewinded wanted us to consider: that they are unique in the way that they include different music genres into their songs and dare to be different.



As seen above the logo should be able to work in both black, white and colors. The colored version is not a requirement for every logo but if the logo is in colors you should make it possible to work in B/W as well. Below you can see the logo implemented on a Spotify sample page, which underlines the message design of the logo.